Representatives of the Institutions and Research Units
  • Monique Martinez (Director of the Doctoral School)
  • Françoise Knopper (CREG, Co-Director of the Doctoral School)
  • Stéphane Bratosin (LERASS)
  • Patrick Chaskiel (ECORSE_CERTOP)
  • Katia Dago (Administrative staff)
  • Emmanuelle Garnier (LLA)
  • Jean-Christophe Goddard (ERRAPHIS)
  • Wendy Harding (CAS)
  • Daniel Lacroix (PLH)
  • Xavier Lambert (LARA)
  • Jean-Yves Laurichesse (UTM, Academic Council representative)
  • Alain Millon (UPS representative)
  • Alain Milon (UPS, Academic Council representative)
  • Jean-Luc Nardone (Il Laboratorio)

Student representatives

Full members
  • Marie Garnier
  • Ida Iwaszko
  • Frédérique Bianchi
  • Gilles Couffignal
  • Nathalie Negrel
  • Marc Lavastrou
  • Anicet M’Besso
  • Céline Rolland

Doctoral student representatives email:

External representatives

  • Roser Boix Tomàs (Vice President, Research and Doctorates at the Faculty of Teacher Training, University of Barcelona)
  • Verena Dolle (Dean of the Faculty of Literature at the University of Giessen.)
  • Philippe Pomar (PU-PH holder of the Chair of anthropology and maxilo-facial prostheses at UPS)
  • Hughes Samyn (head of electronic resources, Documentation Centre)

Business and cultural partners
  • Carmelo Cancio (French Society of Translators)
  • Olivier Franz (Director of Anacharsis publishers)
  • Valérie Hannon (Chief of Staff to the Managing Director of the University Medical Centre, Toulouse, Head of the Hôtel Dieu La Grave site)
  • Sévérine Kaci (Employment Marketing Manager at Airbus)
  • Charlotte Riou (Curator, Musée des Augustins)

  • Lauren Cammas (Administrator, ALLPH@ Doctoral School)
  • Nicole Décuré (LAIRDIL)
  • Françoise Gibert (FRAMESPA)
  • Myriam Guiraud (Programme Administrator at the Doctoral Studies Division)
  • Patrick Lesbre (IRIEC)