Doctoral programmes

The Doctoral School @ ALLPH offers a number of additional training in thesis:

Those of the Graduate School with @ ALLPH catalog here: these are scientific courses (disciplinary and interdisciplinary)
     Those of the Establishment UT2 which the catalog here: these are methodological training
     Those of PRES (link catalog): These are professional programs to prepare you for your integration into the labor market

For language training - FLE and LVE - (compulsory), see catalog proposed by the PRES
For doctoral students enrolling in the first year in 2012-2013

For doctoral students enrolling in the first year 2012-2013, in agreement with the choice supervisor

     A course of doctoral training
     Attach the file to your project file registration completed and signed professional

Your inscription is then registered, but it doesn't mean  that it will be accepted automatically
(especially if it is a training that has a limited number of spaces).
When the number is reached, you will receive an email from us informing you whether your registration is successful or not, and asking you to confirm your presence.

  Consider this mail as your convocation,
read it carefully because it is possible that there are sometimes some changes of rooms or of schedules.

For students registered before 2012

For students registered before 2012, the training courseis unchanged (100h training in three areas disciplinary / interdisciplinary methodology and professional / international openness). You can choose your training in the catalogs above.

How to register?

     Training for ED @ ALLPH by clicking on this link
     For training of UT2 by clicking on this link
     For training of PRES by clicking on this link

Validation of training

Once the training, a questionnaire will be sent to each participant, it is ESSENTIAL to complete your training to be validated.